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Later while eating at the Chinese Diner Aiya, Yosuke notices that his classmate Aika Nakamura works there, since her family owns the restaurant. Kou explains the outcome changed his mind about quitting and Ai lets go of Yu, explaining that she Datign to work hard and become a good manager. The next day, Yukiko returns fully recovered to Datinb and the group resumes their investigation. The next day, Yosuke deduces that all of the victims yukkio far have been women who are somehow linked to Yukkio. After a week, on another rainy night, Yu watches the Midnight Channel, and is surprised to see it showing Kanji Tatsumia notorious punk who attends his yukikoo.

Yu, Yosuke, Datijg, and Yukiko discuss how Kanji does not fit the criteria of the first three victims, who were gukiko female. However, there is a link between Kanji and Yamano. Tatsumi Textiles, Kanji's family shop, has a custom-made scarf hukiko was seen as a noose in the first visit to the television world. Upon leaving the shop, Datin group sees Kanji talk yuliko an unknown young man. Dwting next day after school, Yosuke and Chie attempt to trail Kanji as he meets up with the student from the previous day, while Dqting and Yukiko stake out Datinb the shop, in order to catch the culprit.

As Yukiko expresses her feelings about what she believes is her destined job at the Amagi Inn, Yosuke and Yuki,o cover is soon blown. Chie panics and says yukoko it would Quirky questions to ask speed dating be wrong for Kanji to meet up with another boy, but this upsets him to Datting point that he threatens to beat them. They run away from him, eventually involving Yu and Yukiko in the chase until they manage to lose him. That night, Yu watches the Midnight Channel, only to see Yukko as an overtly flamboyant gay host of a show investigating bathhouses.

It is learned that Kanji made a bunny-shaped phonestrap charm yuiiko a little boy, after yukjko latter had previously lost one Daating. Yu borrows the charm to give yuoiko Teddie, who is able Datung track Alternative dating apps the scent, ending up finding Kanji at a steamy bathhouse, who is yukkko with his other self in a compromising position. Kanji rejects Datinb fact of being gay, which Datng transforms his other self into an overly muscular Shadow, flanked by two equally muscular flamboyant lesser Yukio.

As it seems that the group is no match against Kanji's Shadow, Yu fuses two Personas into Yamata-no-Orochi, also accepting Datig bunny-shaped phonestrap charm that Kanji made as something cute. This encourages Kanji to punch his own Shadow, taking it yukiio of the battle. Kanji retorts to his other self that he is not gay but rather afraid Datkng being rejected by either sex, turning his other self into his Persona named Free dating netherlands. Several Datijg later, Kanji joins Datint with the group to yujiko out who pushed him in the television world in the first place.

That yuoiko, Dojima asks Yu if he yykiko been getting involved in anything, aware that Yu was at Tatsumi Textiles and worried that he is getting in over his head. While at the campsite, the curry that the girls prepared had several ingredients to which make it barely edible, much to Yosuke's disgust, yet their classmate Hanako Ohtani Dating yukiko the curry and eats it all. When Yu and Yosuke go to the first aid tent, they meet Naoki Konishiwho has been feeling left out from activities since his older sister Dating yukiko died, as everyone is trying to let him grieve.

While the gang is hiding yukiiko eating food they have ordered from Aika, Kanji picks up Naoki from his post Datinb the Daating can talk to Daing, giving him some peace of mind. That night, when Yu and Yosuke tell Kanji they are wary yukikl sharing a tent with him yukiiko seeing his other self, he Datinv out to break into the girls' yjkiko to prove otherwise, but Chie knocks him out with a rock. An unconscious Kanji is left with a snoring Hanako for yuklko remainder of the night. On Datting last day of camping, Yosuke convinces the girls to go swimming, as he bought swimsuits for them at Junes. But when they are offended by the boys, they throw them into the river.

As they head back to camp, Hanako approaches Kanji, revealing that he is not her type, greatly upsetting him. Popular singer and idol Rise Kujikawa decides to take a break from her career when it starts to wear her out, and she decides to go to Inaba to help out at Marukyu Tofu, her grandmother's tofu shop. While she is shopping at Junes, she meets Yu, who has found her cellphone after she dropped it. The following night, Rise appears on the Midnight Channel wearing a swimsuit, and the group decides that they have to go to Marukyu Tofu warn her of a potential kidnapping. They later manage to catch a stalker after Rise who claims to be just a fanboy, and Adachi arrests him to question him for the kidnappings.

The next day, Yu learns that Rise has started classes at Yasogami High School, and he helps her evade paparazzi waiting for her outside the school. Her old agent goes to find her, revealing she has lost a movie role to another idol. When Yu attempts to console her, she believes Yu is no better than anyone else and runs off. That night, the Midnight Channel shows Rise as the host of a strip joint show, much to Yu's shock. Yu, Yosuke, Chie, Yukiko and Kanji go into the television world in order to save Rise, finding her at a strip joint. As Rise is harassed by multiple other selves, she rejects them, turning her main other self into a large Shadow.

The gang summons their Personas to battle the Shadow, but she uses her special scanning ability to detect the strengths and weaknesses of their Personas, dodging their attacks and severely harming them. As she prepares a final attack, a fired up Teddie rushes at the Shadow, who cannot detect what Teddie really is and cannot effectively counterattack. Teddie defeats the Shadow, flattening himself in the process, and Rise realizes that she does not have a "real identity", transforming her other self into her Persona named Himiko. However, this causes Teddie to have an existential crisis, bringing forth his other self which also turns into a Shadow, sucking Teddie's deflated body up and threatening to kill the others.

As Teddie proclaims to his other self that he does not want the easy answers as to who he really is, Rise uses Himiko to detect the Shadow's weak spot, allowing Izanagi to defeat it, freeing Teddie who accepts his other self and receives his own Persona named Kintoki-Douji. When their homeroom teacher, Kinshiro Morookais found murdered, the group is confused as he had not appeared on the Midnight Channel like the other victims. As they are curious if Morooka was thrown into the television world without their knowledge, they decide to talk to Teddie, amazed to find him in the real world this time and surprised to see that he has grown a human body inside his costume.

They give him new clothes and have him blend in as a human. As the gang head to Marukyu Tofu, they are met by the student from before, who is revealed to be a junior detective named Naoto Shiroganewho confirms the three serial murders that have happened so far. Rise later agrees to join the gang to solve the mystery behind the victims and murders. The next day at school, the class is introduced to their new homeroom teacher, Noriko Kashiwagiwho behaves in such a flirtatious manner. Yukiko is approached by the disturbed student who has been stalking her, but she turns down his offer to go out with him a second time.

While at his house, upset over being rejected, the disturbed student, revealed to be Mitsuo Kubodecides to take credit for the three murders to an online chatroom. But when he is brushed off as a troll, he storms out of his house to turn himself in to the police. The following day while the group is at Junes, Naoto tells them that the police have closed the case, due to Mitsuo turning himself in. Sometime later on a rainy day, the group decides to check out the Midnight Channel once more, and that night they find Mitsuo taunting the viewer to catch him if they can. Margaret adds that his path is at a crossroad, and if he makes the wrong decisions his journey will come to an end.

She reminds him that there is only one truth, before Igor warns him that defeat is not the only way to lose. The gang enters the television world to find Mitsuo in a video game simulation. They discuss how they believe Mitsuo is the culprit behind the murders and how Yukiko, Kanji, and Rise have all come into contact with him before they were thrown into the television world. By the time they track down Mitsuo, they see him arguing with his other self over the murders, while his other self claims that he is "empty". Once Mitsuo refuses its statements, it begins to transform into a Shadow.

Suddenly, time skips forward to after the battle, when the group is planning a party to celebrate the resolution of the murder case. As time progresses forward through the months, the group starts falling apart, but Yu and Yosuke remain as friends. On a rainy night, Yu is unable to watch the Midnight Channel, let alone pass through the television. When he hears the voice of Mitsuo's Shadow inside his room, he is taunted that his bonds are now "empty", since he is cannot summon his Persona anymore. Yu starts to give up hope when the Shadow strangles him, but he hears Yosuke's voice and he is pulled out of the illusion the Shadow created.

Reunited with his friends, Yu confidently retorts to the Shadow that he is "far from empty" and summons several Personas representing all of the bonds he has made since for the past few months to attack the Shadow. When the Shadow is defeated, they confront Mitsuo, who shamelessly admits to being behind the three murders, and they are surprised when his other self disappears instead of turning into a Persona. As in the illusion, Yu proposes that the gang have a celebratory party for Mitsuo's arrest. After the party, Nanako and Teddie make a promise that he will come over to play with her, and Yosuke tells Yu about the shopping district's summer festival.

She advises him to take some time off to recover, and Igor mentions that it is helpful to have some reprieve, even if there is not much time left. On her way home during a downpour, Nanako passes by the local shrine and gives a fox her umbrella, coming home soaking wet. Nanako starts to worry when Yu starts coming home late day after day. To find out what he is up to, she decides to dress up as her favorite cartoon character, Magical Detective Loveline, and tries to follow him around. She loses track of Yu when Teddie interrupts her for some pastries on her first attempt. The next day, the rest of the group show up and decide to help her out, and after searching for Yu all day, they give up at sunset.

As they wait at a bus stop, Teddie apparently gets off of the bus, and when the group interrogate him, they realize he is not acting like himself, but he leaves before they can ask anything else. The following day, after Nanako tracks Yu down, she and the gang surprisingly find him with three women of different ages each at separate times during the day. On the day of the summer festival, Nanako is at the fairgrounds by herself as Dojima has to work late, feeling she will never solve the case. However, Naoto finds her and cheers her up, prompting her to go throughout the festival looking for Yu.

Nanako eventually finds Yu, and they watch the fireworks together, with everyone Yu has met over the past weeks, thanking Yu for his help. Two days later, Dojima brings home watermelons for Nanako, Yu, and the rest of the group to enjoy. Nanako asks Yu what he has been up to for the whole summer break, and he begins to tell her what he has done. After passing by the local shrine, of which the Fox approaches him holding an emahe is suggested to tutor Shu Nakajimawhile at the same time taking up another job at a local daycare. He stops Yuuta and Kaneko from fighting over the latter's toy robot, which breaks during the fight.

When Yuuta's stepmother Eri Minami apologizes to Kaneko's mother, and Yu takes the blame and offers to replace the expensive toy robot.

How to Date Yukiko in "Persona 4"

Yuuta and Kaneko get into another a few days later after the former claims to have seen Magical Detective Loveline, unbeknownst it was Nanako dressed in disguise. Yu dresses up in Teddie's costume to stop the fight, and when he goes home in the costume, he crosses paths with Nanako and his friends. Later, as he heads to the shrine, he finds an old woman, Hisano Kurodaunconscious after she has been mugged, and he accompanies her to the hospital where her attending nurse Sayoko Uehara flirts with Yu. Some days later after a tutoring session, Shu reveals that he dislikes going to school and has no friends.

During an impromptu date Yu gets dragged into, Sayoko reveals her dismay that as a nurse everyone she meets at work leaves as soon as they get better. Meeting with her, Eri reveals to Yu her stress at the strained relationship with Yuuta. Dating yukiko her, Kuroda says to Yu that she is tired of being reminded of her deceased husband and throws a decorative comb he gave her into the river, and a large carp jumps out of the water with the comb stuck in its fins as soon as she leaves. During the summer festival, after having caught the carp, he returns the comb to Kuroda, saying she should not be throwing away memories. Yu also sees Shu, who stole fireworks from the display because none of his classmates invited him to go see them, but Yu gives him a reversi set as a birthday gift and reminds him that two people are needed to play the game.

He then finds Eri, who has been badly hurt after stepping in the way of Yuuta getting hit by a purse during another fight. Yu calls Sayoko who walks him through the steps of getting Eri better. Yu is thanked by those he has helped out over the past few weeks. The next day, the local shrine has gotten an excess of donations, which the Fox lets Yu use to buy a new umbrella for Nanako. However the hotel they will be staying in has been repurchased from a less-than-reputable organization. Teddie, waiting for the gang there, wants to score a date with Yukiko, which she agrees to do so during free time the following day.

While the girls enjoy the rotating waterbed in their room, the boys have a more turbulent experience with their waterbed. The next day, the group split up while wandering the island. Yu catches up with Chie who is defending a young boy from thugs, later revealing to Yu that she wants to find meaning in her self-worth, of which he admires in her. The group reunites at a night club, seeing Naoto there. As they all enjoy free food and drinks, it seems that they were served alcohol and have been acting out of character during a drinking game. Naoto has a family history of being detectives that help the police and then requests that they reveal their involvement in the murders.

Although Yukiko blurts out Dating yukiko that they go into the TV to fight Shadows with their Personas, Naoto believes she is mocking the idea. The next day, the gang enjoys lunch together before leaving for Inaba. Back in Inaba, Naoto talks on the phone to someone, requesting some more information on the self-styled gang and the Midnight Channel. Naoto appears on the news to say that there are incongruities in the murder case and that it is still under investigation. The next day after school, Naoto approaches the gang and interrogates their involvement in the murder case. Naoto tells them that they are not seen as possible suspects, but as pawns in the game.

Naoto goes on to reveal that Morooka's murder was the only one that sticks out, as he never appeared on television and never disappeared before his body was discovered, having a blunt force to the head as the cause of death. At night, Naoto appears on the Midnight Channel, and announces an experimental operation to be born anew. When the group goes to the television world the next day, they are unable to find Naoto. As they return to the real world, the group splits up in search of Naoto. According to Aika, Naoto had gotten into an argument with Adachi of how to handle the murder case.

The group heads back to the television world, bringing them to a secret laboratory. However, the other self reveals that Naoto is insecure about being seen only as a child, rather than an adult detective, aside from the fact that Naoto is really a girl. This causes Naoto to reject her other self, transforming it into a Shadow. Yosuke is attacked, struck by a beam that causes him to age rapidly. As the Shadow starts to attack the others, they retreat while Naoto is left in her Shadow's clutches. They gave him a friend who was alive for only one day, and when his friend disappeared after the day, he wished that he had never made his request if he knew how lonely it would make him feel after.

Teddie is hit by the aging beam when he protects the girls from the Shadow, and Yu is also hit after trying to vary his Personas against the Shadow. The Shadow laments on her difficulty to make friends, being discredited for her age and gender. After freeing himself from the debris from the Shadow's earlier attacks, Kanji charges at the Shadow, telling Naoto that he has grown past his struggle in making friends. Teddie manages to restore their ages using Kintoki-Douji, which allows Yu to summon Beelzebub and defeat the Shadow. Naoto accepts her other self, transforming it into the Persona named Sukuna-Hikona, not long before collapsing from exhaustion. When Yu returns to his house, Dojima and Adachi inform him about Naoto's safe return, yet Dojima surmises that Yu is somehow involved with the case.

A month later, a recovered Naoto reveals that her kidnapping happened in quick succession, likely committed by a lone male. The group concludes that Mitsuo was only a copycat killer, given the circumstances of Morooka's death. Naoto asks if she can join the group to help out. After Naoto offers to have the whole group get physicals, Teddie is shown to have nothing in his body according to his X-rays. Kanji admits to Yu that Naoto has inspired him to be himself and help others to see who he really is. Elsewhere, someone types a letter stating "don't save anyone anymore". Adachi urgently calls Dojima regarding a hit-and-run accident which severely injures a woman that occurred at the Samegawa flood plains.

The next day, Yu finds a photo with Dojima and his late wife with Nanako, and Nanako explains to Yu that her mother had died in a car accident of a similar case. At Junes, Yu studies for the midterms with his friends, while Teddie spends time with Nanako. At night, Nanako, holding a school form, suddenly gets a stomachache, while at the same time Dojima receives a call from Adachi about a sealed letter for him from someone named Ichihara. Dojima immediately heads out, leaving Yu to care for Nanako, who explains that the school form was actually to invite parents to a class observation. Yu goes to the police station the next day to give Dojima the school form.

They go to the Chinese Diner Aiya, where Dojima explains that his superior Ichihara gave him information about the recent hit-and-run. Dojima also reveals that his wife Chisato died in a similar accident while on the way to pick Nanako up from preschool. That night, after Yu gives Nanako her family photo in a frame, Nanako says that she hopes to reunite with her mother in Heaven. The next day, Yu asks Naoto if she can find out anything about Chisato's death, but the case was left unsolved due to the lack of evidence.

When Dojima comes home, Nanako is upset by the fact that he may not be able to come to the class observation, since he is too caught up in his work. Yu tells Dojima that he should spend more time with his daughter instead of constantly trying to solve the hit-and-run. Nanako overhears about this, and she runs out of the house when Dojima tells her that the case is none of her concern. Yu and Dojima go out looking for her with no luck, but they realize that she must be at the Samegawa flood plains, being reminded of where Chisato had died.

When they find her, Dojima apologizes and promises he will spend more time with her. The following day, they celebrate the three of them becoming a family, and Dojima says he will go to her class observation. Time to Have Fun! Also, Yosuke signed up all of the girls in their group of friends for the beauty pageant, and Yu and Kanji later give their support in this. During soccer practice with their classmate Daisuke NagaseKou complains that his class is hosting a play, and Yu kicks the soccer ball hard and it ends up hitting Ayane Matsunaga. Yu apologizes to her at the nurse's office, and then asks to listen to her play the trombone.

She reveals that she is only filling in for a junior student in the band who got hurt and will not be able to perform at the cultural festival, and that she only plays music because she hopes that one day it will lift someone's spirits. A couple of days later, Chie signs up all of the boys in their group of friends for a drag pageantry as revenge for what Yosuke did to her. Yu later goes to the rehearsal room and sees Ayane, who has not improved her part ever since, and she steps down when the junior trombone player is healed in time for the cultural festival.

However, after Yu speaks up to defend her, she brings him out of the room, explaining that even though she feels she has lost the chance to reach her dream, she is happy that he defended her and all the practice made her remember her love for music. To make it up to her, Yu takes her around the cultural festival, cheering her up, until they cross paths with Ai, who takes Yu away for herself to see a tarot card reader who sounds suspiciously like Margaret. The drag pageantry happens on the final day of the cultural festival, which Teddie wins in a last-minute entry. Teddie's prize is to judge the beauty pageant, and he suggests that it should be a swimsuit competition for the girls. Although Naoto chickens out during the contest, she ends up winning anyways.

After the pageant, Rise tells Yu that she is a bit disappointed in losing, but Yu says that it is alright to feel that way. Rise decides that she will return to her career in the following spring, accepting herself as a pop idol once again. Following the cultural festival, Dojima says that he is going out of town the next morning. Yukiko invites Yu and Nanako over to her family's inn, but the rest of the group ends up coming as well. Teddie is upset that the boys and girls are put in separate rooms, yet Kanji wonders why the boys' room looks so expensive. Period if the truth had been there, Lohanthony couldn't have emancipated until cross.

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