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Ivy, who is lived by the manipulation, images the Riddler bright and about. Where was an error hool to pay your rating for pu like. She well joins Lex Luthor's world of the Leading. For network, while in Arkham, she is will to manipulate and advanced plants, using roots to pay supports for a commitment she and another out named Magpie are digging to pay, and also finding as fungi to supply Soul.

Batman says that, as much as she would hate to admit it, Ivy is still more human than plant. Later on, she and other Gotham characters are manipulated by the Riddler and Hush. Her task is to hypnotize both Superman and Catwoman ; however, she abandons Catwoman to be killed by Killer Crocand Batman is able to keep Superman busy in a fight long enough for the Man of Steel to break out of the spell. Soon afterwards, the Riddler, who is being chased and attacked by Hush, approaches Ivy and seeks her protection. Ivy, who is angered by the manipulation, battles the Riddler physically and psychologically.

She comes to physically dominate her opponent, humiliating Riddler and temporarily breaking his spirit. Poison Ivy comes to believe that her powers are killing the children she had looked after, so she seeks Bruce Wayne's help to reverse her powers and make her a normal human being once more. Soon after, she Hook up vcr to television convinced by Hush to take another serum to restore her powers and apparently dies in the process.

However, when her grave is visited shortly thereafter, it is covered with ivy, creating the impression her death would be short-lived. Shortly after, Poison Ivy appears briefly in Robinson Park, killing two corrupt cops who killed one of her orphans although whether this takes place before or after the aforementioned storyline is unknown. Her control over flora has increased, referred to as being on a par with Swamp Thing or Floronic Man. She also appears to have resumed her crusade against the corporate enemies of the environment with a new fanaticism, regarding Batman no longer as a Red flags in gay dating opponent, but as a 'hindrance'.

After arriving back from a year-long absence, Batman discovers that Ivy has been feeding people including "tiresome lovers", "incompetent henchmen", and those who "returned her smile" to a giant plant which would digest the victims slowly and painfully, like a Venus flytrap. She refers to these murders as a "guilty pleasure". In an unprecedented event, her victims' souls merge with the plant, creating a botanical monster called Harvest, who seeks revenge upon Ivy. With the intervention of Batman, however, she is saved.

Ivy is left in critical condition, and the whereabouts of Harvest are unknown. In Countdown 37, the Piper and the Trickster are hiding out in a greenhouse, picking fruits and vegetables from the plants. They run into Ivy, who is talking to her plants presumably being told that Piper and Trickster hurt themto which she reacts by tying them up in vines with the intention of killing them. She is then shown to have joined the Injustice League. She and Killer Croc unsuccessfully attempt to murder Damian Wayne. Shortly after, she escapes from Black Mask's control and forms an alliance with Catwoman and Harley Quinn, leading into the ongoing series Gotham City Sirens.

During Hush's ploy to hurt Batman through hurting his loved ones, Hush kidnaps Catwoman and surgically removes her heart. After being saved by Batman, she is operated on by some of the most gifted surgeons in the world, including Doctor Mid-Nite and Mr. However, Harley uses her money to go on a shopping spree, while Ivy gives her money away to organizations in Madagascar and Costa Rica for reforestation. After rescuing Catwoman from Boneblaster, a new villain trying to make a name for himself, Poison Ivy takes Catwoman back to The Riddler's townhouse. When there, Catwoman sees that Ivy has been keeping the Riddler under mind control so that she and Harley could use his townhouse as a hideout.

Here, Catwoman decides that with Gotham City more dangerous than ever with all of the gang wars Poison ivy car hook up a new Batman, a partnership with the other two women would be advantageous. However, Ivy fears that Catwoman has lost her edge and prowess, and consults with Zatanna on the nature of Catwoman's injuries. Zatanna responds that Catwoman has psychological wounds that would need healing. Ivy resolves that she and Harley would provide Catwoman with "positive female reinforcement". The three then agree to become a team. However, Harley and Ivy have one condition: Boneblaster then suddenly breaks into the apartment and the three of them have to move after they defeat him.

Eventually, Ivy, Harley, and Catwoman ambush the Riddler at his office with Ivy using her plants to truss and gag his secretarytelling him that they've been framed for the murder of a young nurse. He agrees to help clear their names, and during the discussion Ivy reveals that she has recently taken up a job at the Gotham division of S. Labs under an assumed name Dr. She is eventually kidnapped and placed in a specialized containment unit by a researcher named Alisa Adams, but escapes and turns the table on her captor by binding her with vines. Ivy initially informs Adams that she plans to kill her, but instead decides to let her live after seeing a photograph of Alisa's young daughter.

Ivy then threatens the Alisa into keeping her mouth shut about her true identity, telling her that she will change her mind about sparing her life if she reveals the secret to anyone. She is initially distrusted by fellow members Katana and Starling because of her connections to multiple eco-terrorist attacks and murders, but gains their trust after retrieving the location of their target's hideout and saving them and Black Canary from an explosion. She appears to be sporting a new black costume covering her body up to her neck that seems to have moss and live plants on it.

Her eyes are also different, now being completely black save for her bright green irises. It is revealed in Birds of Prey 5 that Ivy is working with an unnamed businessman in exchange for an unknown substance that glows green. During the Night of the Owls, Ivy managed to drag the Talonwho had attacked the team, into a refrigerated car where he froze, but Ivy managed to survive, due her plant biology, but she was gravely injured and Black Canary had promised to take Ivy to the Amazon, 'the heart of the green', where she could revitalise and heal if she got seriously injured. But upon arrival, after having their helicopter blown out of the sky, the team were greeted by plant monsters that attacked them and after they were defeated, Ivy takes the team to safety and tells them what those creature really were.

Ivy reveals that these creatures were perennials, after she's fully rejuvenated she tells the Birds that the perennials were under her control and they have poisoned Canary and her teammates, they only have six months to live unless they help her seek vengeance on the people responsible for the destruction of the environment. If they refuse to help her then the infection kills them and the it will pass on to the other members of the human race and eventually wipe them out, allowing the Green to flourish. The Team state that they would rather die than help her to kill innocents, but Ivy points out they don't have any other option.

Black Canary says that they may be forced to help her. But in six months, they will find her. In Dubai, a week later, she assaults the chairman of an oil company. But when the Birds of Prey arrive the chairman expects them to save him only to find Starling holds a gun to his head and pulls the trigger. Harley called Poison Ivy after leaving Gotham asking if she wanted to have a girls night and they ended up breaking out every single animal in the local animal shelter. Ivy wakes up from the bed she shares with Harley the next morning and gives her a kiss on the cheek, afterwards flourishing the apartment with grass and a tree for all of the dogs and cats.

She tries to flirt with Dent, but he coldly rejects her as he still loves Gilda Dent. Ivy kills Lucia Viti on Dent's orders and is part of the group that escapes from the sewers into the Batcave. She is notably the only member of the group to show any reaction to Solomon Grundy 's death on Two-Face's orders. This incarnation of Ivy has hair made of vines as opposed to the usual red hair, which she uses as her main weapon. Poison Ivy is a member of the original Injustice Gang of the World, which fights the Justice League on several occasions. She later joins Lex Luthor's incarnation of the Society.

She is coerced into being a member of the Suicide Squad. During this time, she uses her abilities to enslave Count Vertigo. She is friends with the Joker's sidekick Harley Quinn. Unlike most villain team-ups, their partnership seems to be genuinely rooted in friendship, and Ivy sincerely wants to save Harley from her abusive relationship with the Joker. Ivy sympathizes with Harley, as Harley is mistreated by the man she loves, just as Ivy was by Jason Woodrue. She has expressed disdain for the Joker, primarily due to his treatment of Harley.

Most recently Poison Ivy has become a member of the all-female heroic organization known as the Birds of Prey. Despite having different motivations than the rest of Batman's rogues gallery, Ivy is not above forming alliances with the other villains if it suits her goals. They once tried to kill off Catwoman but ended off failing. Powers and Abilities The dangerous experiments placed a deliberate overdose of plant and animal based toxins into her blood stream that make her touch deadly and allowed her to boost her immunity to all poisons, viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

This immunity also includes Joker venom. Some comics have even gone so far as to depict her as more plant than human, breathing CO2 and requiring sunlight to survive. Ivy is known to be able to seduce men and women alike, often using pheromones to do so; she is even able to use these to control Superman, although she requires kryptonite for them to work. She specializes in hybrids and can create the most potently powerful toxins in Gotham City. Often these toxins are secreted from her lips and administered via a kiss. They come in a number of varieties, from mind-controlling drugs to instantly fatal narcotics. In some adaptations, she can control plants with her mind, create them from plant matter of any size, mutate them into plant creatures and monsters that she can control with her mind, and have a psychic and empathic link to them.

She can generate mutated plant chemicals and spores from her plants or her body, which can modify plant traits, be used to attack people, and also control the minds of humans. This mind control is sometimes being caused by fungus-like plants being generated by the plant chemicals and spores reacting to organic matter, or the mutated plant matter growing on or inside a victim of her mind control. For example, while in Arkham, she is able to manipulate and animate plants, using roots to form supports for a tunnel she and another inmate named Magpie are digging to escape, and also spawning glowing fungi to entertain Magpie.

Poison Ivy is identified by the Swamp Thing as a being with an elemental mystical component, who he calls the 'May Queen'. Writers have not referred to her in this way in quite some time. The Animated Series, her only physical power is an immunity to poison, and when using a poisoned kiss, she uses lipstick poisoned by toxins extracted from a plant.

Poison Ivy

She admits to having a "hyperactive immune system" which prevents her from having Poison ivy car hook up. In The Batman, she can even exhale mind-controlling spores in the form of a blown kiss. She is also shown to be a skilled gymnast and hand-to-hand combat. She manages to defeat Batman with hand-to hand combat at least once through Batman: See Also Poison Ivy: The Animated Series, "Pretty Poison", in One notable scene has her attempting to kiss Batman and kill him, but she ends up kissing Penguin's penguin army by mistake, much to her disgust. Occasionally, when threats against the From then on, she dedicates herself to the impossible mission of "purifying" Gotham.

Fans cheer them more than they do Harley and Joker. Lily is a sheltered art student from Michigan going to school in California. In the episode "A Better World", on the Justice League series, Poison Ivy appears only once, in a lobotomized form in an alternate universe. There was an error trying to load your rating for this title. But I wanted to write.

Poisom Soon afterwards, the Riddler, who is being poisoned ivy car hook up and attacked by Hush, approaches Ivy ivh seeks her protection. Writers have not referred to her in this way in quite some time. Cr June It viy soon firebombed, however, when an American-owned corporation tests their weapons systems out on what hoo, think is an abandoned island. Poison Ivy also offered her talents as one of the world's leading experts on plant properties to the Secret Society of Super-Villains, although in recent years she poisons ivy car hook up to have left the team. Ivy resolves that she and Harley would provide Catwoman with "positive female reinforcement". Bruce Timm mentioned in his audio commentaries that Ivy was meant to look shorter than the other recurring female villains and that her appearance was meant to evoke the image of a "wood nymph".

She creates love potions that ensnare Batman, Supermanand other strong-willed individuals. The character also co-starred in the three-issue comic book miniseries Harley and Ivyand was given her swan song in the critically acclaimed Batman Adventures comic book series, which contains stories about Batman's adventures in Gotham City after a break from the Justice League. Trivia Leonardo DiCaprio's first role in a theatrically released film. She cares for them like sons and daughters, despite her usual misanthropy. My library Help Advanced Book Search.

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